By John J. Bradley

To be released in 2025, the story of who put the SUPER in SUPERCROSS,  where he is now and why he’s there.  In 2007, Mike Goodwin was convicted of what can now be proven to have been false charges for allegedly orchestrating the 1988 murders of Mickey and Trudy Thompson. In that year, after highly publicized litigation, Thompson won a judgment against Goodwin of $794,000. Shortly after Goodwin lost his appeal, the Thompsons were gunned down in their driveway in Bradbury, L.A. County. Goodwin was initially viewed as a suspect but was essentially cleared as a suspect in December 1988 in a top-level report to the L.A. Sheriff that cited “no evidence linking Goodwin to the murders.

13 years later, in December 2001, Goodwin was arrested in Orange County seven days after he opened litigation against powerful politician Thompson’s sister on his Supercross business. Goodwin remained unlawfully in the Orange County Jail for 2½ years until the Fourth District Court of Appeals determined charges had been filed unlawfully, out-of-jurisdiction. The defense recently accessed evidence that had been illegally seized 22 years before, in 2001, via a false search warrant. The O.C. District Attorney, a cohort of Thompson’s sister, did not follow the required legal procedures to take jurisdiction from L.A., and L.A. did not follow those procedures to abdicate jurisdiction. The O.C. search and arrest affidavits were invalid because they had no probable cause. 

The top prosecutor, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Pat Dixon, second only to the elected District Attorney Gil Garcetti, reviewed the evidence twice, indicating no charges would be filed in L.A. against Goodwin because of the “insufficiency of evidence.” However, when the Fourth District Court of Appeals dismissed the Orange County case and ruled that Goodwin be released from the Orange County jail immediately, Dixon’s office announced to the media that L.A. was filing murder charges against Goodwin because of “new evidence,” which was legally required for L.A.D.A. to file charges after the O.C. County dismissal.

Learn about how Mike Goodwin created the sport of Supercross and how he tragically lost it. How he was wrongfully convicted and what is being done to get him out of prison.

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